Monday, December 13, 2010

Create gmail account

Tutorial Blog | On this post, Blog tutorial will discuss how to create a gmail account is the email service provided by the search engine GOOGLE.

Why do you need to create a gmail account? Because, gmail email service is free and looks pretty simple. So it does not require a lot of internet bandwidth. In addition, gmail accounts can also be used to create a blog on and create google adsense account which is a favorite PPC of bloggers.

Oke brother and sister, here are the steps:
  1. Open the mozilla firefox browser (recommended)
  2. Enter the URL address
  3. Then click "Create an account"

  4. Display appears as below:

    • First name: Fill your first name
    • Last name: Fill your last name
    • Desired Login Name: Fill in the email address (gmail) that you created, and click "check availability!"
    • Choose a password: Fill your password
    • Re-enter password: Fill your password again
    • Sequrity Question: Choose a question, then answered in the field Answer
    • Recovery email: Email backup, if you forgot your password main email
    • Location: Choose the location you live
  5. Then fill out the word verification, according to the displayed word

  6. And the last step is click "I accept create my account"

  7. Ning nong ! Your gmail account has been created, and click "Show me my account"

Good luck brother and sister :)

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