Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to create blog post

Tutorial Blog | In the previous post, I have given on how to create a blog in For those of you beginner in the blogging world, must wonder what will be done after creating the blog.

So what to do?

Thing to do is create blog post.

How do make a post?

Step 1
Please login in

Step 2
Dashboard display appears like this:

And then click "New post"

Step 3

  • Enter your post title in field "Title"
  • Fill your post categories in field "Labels" e.g. Tutorial
Step 4
Then click "Preview" to see your post before it was published. This serves to check, whether this post is perfect? whether the spelling of the words is good? etc

Step 5
And the last step, click "Publish post"

Your Blog post published!

Happy writing and happy blogging!

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