Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The simplest SEO Techniques

Tutorial Blog | In the previous post, I provide a discussion about what is SEO. Before I continue, this SEO techniques in designated beginners (like me). For the master SEO, please correct if there are errors in this technique, hehe :)

This SEO technique is the most basic SEO knowledge. So for you newbies, in this post is a great place to add your knowledge of SEO, hehe. But from this basic SEO knowledge, you can develop the techniques of SEO according to your tastes.

Okay, let's start learning SEO techniques is the most simple.

  1. ON PAGE SEO (SEO techniques that exist in a website or blog)
    • Determine the appropriate description meta tag content of your blog:
    • e.g.
      <meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='Tutorial blog | personal blog that aims to learn and share.'/>
    • Determine the Appropriate keyword meta tag content of your blog:
    • e.g.
      <meta content='KEYWORDS' name='tutorial blog, create gmail account, how to create blog, making money from blogging, making money, business online, tips SEO, etc '/>
      Make it more clear about the meta tag, read my post about what it is meta tag.
    • optimize the blog title with the keyword that you shoot
    • e.g.
      Tutorial Blog | Tips SEO
    • optimize your post title with the keyword that you shoot
    • e.g.
      How to create blog
    • In every post you make, try to have keywords in the first 200 words
    • Distinguish words that contain the keyword with another word. For example, use bold, italic, quotation marks ( " ), underline, <h1></h1>, and bright colors
    • Register your web or blog in search engine
    • Register also in the social bookmarking
  2. OFF PAGE SEO (SEO techniques that are outside the web or blog)
    • Link exchange with another website or blog
    • Perform regular backlink, blogwalking way, give a good comment on other blog postings. And do not forget to give proper anchor text
    • Often give comments on the web or blogs that do follow
    • Advertise your website or blog on a site with high PR
    • Advertise your website or blog on free classifieds site, but do not at once, because it will be considered spamming by search engines
    • invent (one way backlink) to another website or blog postings that have the same topic
Similarly, a simple SEO techniques that I give. Wait for the next post about SEO techniques from me. Thank you for reading :)

Happy blogging!

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