Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is meta tag?

Description meta tags is used to provide an overview of the contents of your web pages. Its size is recommended no more than 200 characters.

Syntax of description meta tags:
<meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='Fill your blog description'/>

Examples of writing description meta tags:
<meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='Tutorial blog | personal blog that aims to learn and share. And as the online media that contains about: tutorial blog, how to create a blog, making money from blogging, SEO tips, making money online, free blogger templates, etc.'/>

Keyword meta tags is very important presence, because determining what keywords to find the web page on search engines.

Syntax of keyword meta tags:
with a comma:
<meta content='KEYWORDS' name='Keyword1, keyword2, keyword3'/>

or without a comma:
<meta content='KEYWORDS' name='Keyword1 keyword2 keyword3'/>

Examples of writing keyword meta tags:
<meta content='KEYWORDS' name='tutorial blog, create gmail account, how to create blog, making money from blogging, making money, business online, tips SEO, tips trik blogging, blogger templates, free blogger templates, blog optimization, promotion blog, SEO guide, adsense guide, create blog '/>

Please note...
In the meta tag keywords, should not be repeating the same word too many. And also do not create keywords that have nothing to do with a web page or blog, because it is considered spamming by search engines. e.g. your website or blog contain about computers, do not give the keyword "celebrity" "mp3".

Happy Blogging!

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